HDPE boats

Rugged workboats for all weather conditions.
Polarcirkel boats are self-bailing ,and in contrast to a conventional RIB,have rigid pontoons filled with High Density Polystyrene.
This design makes a virtually unsinkable boat with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness.
The workboats are specially designed for marine industries , coast guard ,diving and other professional activities. The flexible model solutions include open workboats , cabin workboats , sport versions , diving boats and others. Standard lengths from 5,6 meter to 9,1 meter and different types of engines ( outboard, inboard and water jet) are available.
 Open Workboats 
http://www.akvagroup.com/products/cage-farming-aquaculture/boats-and-workboats/cabin-workboatsCabin Workboats
http://www.akvagroup.com/products/cage-farming-aquaculture/boats-and-workboats/polarcirkel-sportPolarcirkel Sport
http://www.akvagroup.com/products/cage-farming-aquaculture/boats-and-workboats/polarcirkel-divingPolarcirkel Diving